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Solomon Tales Issue 1

Solomon Tales Issue 1

This comic is a full transformation story in a very mysterious setting. The author takes you on an intense trip into his story making you feel a part of it. Great art helps you visualizing a beginning of a new series of comics. -Viola

Shadomans Revenge

Shadomans Revenge

This comic is written out of a very interesting perspective and lets you dive deep into the storyline, containing a lot of excellent rendered TG art including a partial transformation.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


This site is far from complete. Of course it is and will never be possible to list really all of them, but I hope you like what I've put together for you here. Contact for comics here.

!! White d= blackwhite
!! Green d= colour
!! The combination of white and green d's tell you the relation of
    coloured and non coloured pages.
!! Red #'s are links to readable versions.
!! $ mean, that the comic or a part of a comic costs/is buyable

!! Hovering your mouse over the titles gives you detailed 
    information about the comic and/or what kind of TG is
    in there and/or how it interacts with the story.

!! Orange mean, that the comic has an instable but legal!
    source like a forum, a filehoster, or something comparable. 

At the bottom left, you can find a list of comics, I didn't find synopsis or descriptions/summaries for.
I don't have time to read them all and would please you, if you know one of those, to contact me via the new form I created for this and tell me what the story is about and what role the TG part plays.

Thank you and have fun,

PS: Those : ◔◑◕are in test-phase and are ment to show how much the story is influenced by the TG inside/ how intensive the fictional TG is.


(sometimes only smaller party or chapters)

White like she $
Ironman: The Mighty Avengers : The Return of Ultron ($)
Angora Napkin $
Green Lantern: #
H.E.R.O $
Camelot 3000 *

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