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Solomon Tales Issue 1

Solomon Tales Issue 1

This comic is a full transformation story in a very mysterious setting. The author takes you on an intense trip into his story making you feel a part of it. Great art helps you visualizing a beginning of a new series of comics. -Viola

Shadomans Revenge

Shadomans Revenge

This comic is written out of a very interesting perspective and lets you dive deep into the storyline, containing a lot of excellent rendered TG art including a partial transformation.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


This site is far from complete. Of course it is and will never be possible to list really all of them, but I hope you like what I've put together for you here. Contact for comics here.

!! White d= blackwhite
!! Green d= colour
!! The combination of white and green d's tell you the relation of
    coloured and non coloured pages.
!! Red #'s are links to readable versions.
!! $ mean, that the comic or a part of a comic costs/is buyable

!! Hovering your mouse over the titles gives you detailed 
    information about the comic and/or what kind of TG is
    in there and/or how it interacts with the story.

!! Orange mean, that the comic has an instable but legal!
    source like a forum, a filehoster, or something comparable. 

At the bottom left, you can find a list of comics, I didn't find synopsis or descriptions/summaries for.
I don't have time to read them all and would please you, if you know one of those, to contact me via the new form I created for this and tell me what the story is about and what role the TG part plays.

Thank you and have fun,

PS: Those : ◔◑◕are in test-phase and are ment to show how much the story is influenced by the TG inside/ how intensive the fictional TG is.


  1. i will wating for yoursite's completing
    truyen tranh

  2. your is so great

  3. Replies
    1. No, but I own and there are also comics. I also did the comic called Ronalds Fate and I have comics on

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  5. Another one for your collection: the manga Pretty Face by Yasuhiro Kano. It's awesome —

    JP Manga also has a section about genderbending: Lots of good stuff there, if you like manga!

    MangaFox also has a "Gender Bender" classification for their mangas. They list 507 (!) mangas under that! Wow, lots of reading...

  6. ... one from MangaFox that I'm currently reading: "Family Compo" The story is about an orphan who gets to live with some relatives, where the couple have their genders inverted (the wife was born male, the husband was born female), and to the point I've read to far, their daughter's gender is still a mystery. The protagonist is very shaken at the beginning, but gradually he gets used to the weirdness in the family, and does some crossdressing for an amateur movie. It's quite fun to read :)

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